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  • Easiest Way To Get Tickets...

    I was wondering if i can get some oppinions from some people on the easiest way to get tickets fast. My personal choice is playing Chicktionary with your annagrammer but i was wondering if anyone has a strategy for another game that works better...

    thanks :wink:

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    Chicktionary is the best. If I am out of chicktionary puzzles I like Crosswire. It's more trivia than a word game, so it doesn't work with the annagrammer. However, the puzzles are pretty easy and if you don't know the answers or not good at a particular puzzle you can systematically step through the puzzle to get the answers and you get 20 points for every puzzle completed.

    I have actually maxed my tickets for the day just playing Crosswire, so there are lots of puzzles for solving.


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      I love playing Flexicon, but I can get points quicker with Chicktionary or a similar game. I'm playing Spelling Bee now because it's not as annoying.


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        Really easy chictionary tickets

        all you have to do is go to's home page and type in the letters that the chicktionary puzzle gives you. then it gives you a whole bunch of words including the 7 letter word. just type in all the words that you need and then you are finished. everytime you do this you will get 20 tickets


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          Originally posted by scarletstars
          I do the same thing with the Flexicon solutions and am able to type all of those in far faster.
          Ive tried and tested this tool post reading the post. Its really a nice one. I liked the keyword winner!


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            I have played Flexicon , but not tried Chicktionary till yet.Would like to try it.


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              I tried the tool for reading this post post. It's really beautiful. I liked the keyword winner!


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                Yeah this would be a good idea. Hope this will work.